• Terrazzo Tile Floor

Terrazzo comes from the Italian word terrazza, meaning terrace, and refers to the 15th century Venetian mosaic workers who used left over marble chips set in cement to surface the terraces Historical evidence suggests that goatmilk was used as a sealer in order to preserve the stone and give it a glossier appearance.

Terrazzo floors are extremely durable. However, eventually they will become dull and worn when exposed to traffic. Because terrazzo contains natural stone, usually marble, we can hone and polish it to a high luster. We then treat it with an impregnating sealer in order to protect it from staining and discoloring. Once fully restored, it is very easily maintained with regular dry and wet mopping.

Let Pellegrino Stone Care ensure that your beautiful terrazzo floor fulfils its potential; and we promise not to use any goat milk.

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