• Concrete Commercial Floor
    • Deep Cleaning
    • Diamond-Honing
    • Custom Staining and Sealing
    • Expansion Joint Replacement
    • Drives, Walkways, Pool -Decks and Patios
    • Stamped, Precast and Exposed Aggregate Concrete Restoration

The eye-catching look of polished or honed concrete floors adds appeal to any setting. Durability, strength, low-maintenance and color variety helps to deliver an exceptional level of style and class. Honing / Polishing your existing concrete is also a very cost effective way of adding unique, high-end look to your home or commercial space.

With our specialized concrete flooring treatments, we can produce smooth glass-like, matt or semi-gloss finishes, in a wide variety of colors, giving new life to any dated concrete surface. With qualities such as exceptionally low maintenance, high durability and stain resistance, concrete is fast becoming the preferred choice for many applications.

Polished concrete is also an environmentally sound flooring option. The energy cost footprint for polishing an existing concrete slab is considerably less than the energy and material consumed by manufacturing and applying a floor covering, good for your conscience and good for your wallet at the same time.

Pre-Cast concrete is a very durable surface; however, it is also extremely porous and needs to be cleaned and sealed.

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