• Marble countertop
  • Travertine Bath
  • pool stone surface
  • Commercial Property
  • Maintenance stone
  • Marble Floor
  • Concrete Commercial Floor

Congratulations on your new countertops, here is what you will receive with the service.

  • Our professional cleaning, treatment, and sealing service will help conserve the beauty and safeguard the integrity of your new countertop.

  • With our Countertop Care & Warranty Program, you can maintain and protect your investment at the discounted rate of 25% off any of our countertop services.

Simply complete the form below and will send you a quote! The program is valid within the first 30 days of installation.

Service includes simple care instructions and 1 bottle of Granite Gold

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Countertop Care & Warranty Program Includes:

  • Professional sealing and treatment services on all-natural stone countertops. 5 year no stain guarantee

  • Nano treatment for Quartz surfaces. Nothing sticks like a nonstick pan. This treatment creates surface tension, prevents anything from sticking or surface stains, makes wiping and cleaning a cinch

Additional Services We Offer:

  • Upon completion of each service receive 3 months supply of Natural Stone and Quartz care products from Granite Gold. Also, have access to 25% off at GraniteGold.com using promo code” psc17”

  • For more information on our products and services visit www.pellegrinostonecare.com and www.granitegold.com

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