A few janitorial and carpet cleaning companies are now offering ‘stone restoration services.’ They may be able to provide basic cleaning of natural stone floors and countertops. However, their well-intentioned efforts at stone restoration have done much more harm than good. We receive numerous calls each week from homeowners, or from the company themselves, asking us to repair a botched unprofessional restoration job.

Stone restoration is an intricate and specialized process, which only experienced professional stone technicians should attempt. Stone restoration requires extensive knowledge of traditional stone masonry techniques, specialized equipment and many years of experience. A skilled stone expert can readily identify stone types, understand and appreciate the characteristics and composition and determine the most suitable restoration method, equipment and techniques to employ.

Stone restoration is a very time-consuming, precise process. There are NO shortcuts. If any step in the process is hurried, any scratches and faults not removed will remain and become emphasized as you progress through the various restoration steps.

Why trust your stone care requirements to anyone but a trained, experienced stone care professional?

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